Preventative Maintenance – What’s That?!

Preventative Maintenance – What’s That?!

Hopefully, you all read our last post on “How to Choose an Auto Repair Shop” and have chosen the PERFECT Automotive Repair Shop & Mechanic……and hopefully, that is Peerzo’s Quality Auto Repair!  If not, you are still reading this….so you’re saying there’s a chance! LOL.

Unfortunately, our economy has impacted us all in one way or another and forced us all to batten down the hatches in one form or another.  We all are trying to stretch the all mighty dollar as best we can and are always looking for inventive ways to do just that whenever possible.  So how does this relate to your car, truck or SUV?  Preventative maintenance can go along way to preventing costly repairs in the future.

As much as you would all like to go out and purchase a brand new car when your current one has seen better days, that is not always possible in today’s economy.  What you CAN do is take care of the car you have now and make sure you get the most out of what you own today!  And if your car HAS seen better days, you might end up buying a used car instead of a brand new one.

Whether you are trying to keep life in the car you already own or taking care of a recently purchased used car (or pre-owned vehicle as the car lots like to call them!) there are things you can easily do to extend the life expectancy!  If you are the first owner of your car, you have an advantage because you know exactly how your car has been maintained.  But often times, people are the 2nd or 3rd owner so they don’t know what has been done to the car as far as maintenance.  Another bonus for properly maintaining your car is fuel mileage!  Who doesn’t want to extend their fuel mileage?!  With proper maintenance on your car, you can save up to 20% in fuel costs – that’s money in your pocket! The good thing is…’s never too late to start treating your car right!

First off, most of us have children or pets, right?  Well, food alone won’t keep them alive!  Just like your car, fuel alone won’t keep it on the road!!  Haha.  But think about it….your car, like children or pets requires attention!  We realize this is a drastic comparison, but how important is your car to you?  Often times we take our car for granted.  We go start it in the morning – and drive to work.  When we get off work – we drive home.  We need groceries – we drive to the store. But what if we go to do any of those things and it WON”T START?  Hmmmm.  Sometimes you don’t know what you have until it’s gone.  Or it won’t start. And you are stranded!  Then, and only then, it becomes a VERY BIG DEAL. We would like to make sure that doesn’t happen to you.

The easiest  thing you can do is get your oil changed on a regular basis (3,000 miles or 6 months for most cars in our climate*).  This sounds quite simple.  And it is.  However, it is very important to have a qualified auto repair shop to perform your oil changes every time.  Why, you ask?  Simple!  Because this allows your mechanic/technician to become familiar with your car.  If we go back to our last post and the doctor analogy, would you go see a new doctor every year to get a physical?  No?  Why not?  Because you want your doctor to be familiar with your history.  Say you have a “leak”, wouldn’t you want YOUR doctor to be able to look at it next time you go in and say “Yep it’s still there, but not any worse!”  Or “Wow. That “leak” needs some attention, we might want to do something about that now!”.

Peerzo’s Automotive does a free safety inspection with every oil change ($33 + tax for most vehicles for quality oil & filter).  We do a complete Visual, Under Hood and Under Car Inspection every time we change your oil.  This allows us to KNOW your vehicle.  Just because you have a “leak” doesn’t necessarily mean that is a bad thing and you have to spend a lot of money to fix it now.  Sometimes it is just something we need to keep an eye on and take care of a later date, if necessary..  The great thing is, we can let you know that this is something you will need to fix down the road and gives you time to put money aside to have your car repaired.

Also, we have the latest up-to-date information on manufacture suggested maintenance.  For example, some manufacturers recommend changing your timing belt at 90,000 miles.  Generally, these are costly repairs.  However, depending on the type of engine you have (interference vs. non-interference), not doing this could cost you an engine! One example we have in our shop is Timing belt = $496.00. New engine = $4,567.00.  Mileage on the car? 106,000 miles.  The point is by allowing one auto repair shop to monitor your car can save you tons of money in the future!!

Nobody wants to spend money on preventative maintenance.  Let’s be real!  We all have better places to spend our money!  And it’s scary.  That is why it is important to find a auto repair shop you can TRUST!  That is why it is important to maintain your car, to avoid costly repairs in the future.  Not only do you not want to have to drop a huge chunk of money on something that can be avoided, but often times when you wait too long it increases the time it takes to MAKE the repair.  Then you are out excessive amounts of  money AND out of a ride.

Lack of trust in the auto repair industry is huge! It is in the top 10 for complaints reported to the Better Business Bureau.  We do not expect our customers to trust us the minute they walk in the door (it would be nice!).  We expect to EARN our customers trust!  Once the relationship with the customer is built, they do trust us to do only necessary repairs & maintenance, avoid duplicate repairs and maintain the OEM specifications for the repairs, maintenance and service of their car.

So….what do you think?  What would it take for you to become our next Loyal Customer?  We want to hear from you!

*Some dealerships/manufacturers are advising your car can go anywhere from 5,000 – 10,000 miles between oil changes.  In our experience, with our climate and driving conditions that is not necessarily the case. We do have some customers who are able to go 5,000 miles (based on the type of driving they do i.e mostly highway miles) more often than naught, that isn’t feasible.  A qualified mechanic should be able to determine if this applies to you based on the quality of your oil at the time of service.  


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