Exhaust Service
Keep your engine running good and the check engine light off.

Catalytic Converters Clean Your Engines Exhaust Emissions

Oil Leaks On Your Exhaust System Can Be A Fire Starter


Catalytic Converters can reach 650 degrees F and easily catch things on fire, such as leaking fluids, brush, and things run over on the road.

This new exhaust system we installed shows the many heat shields that must be attached to keep the exhaust cool and as safe as possible.


Fluid leaking on a exhaust can start a vehicle on fire. It doesn’t  have to be a large leak you see on the garage floor. Just a small leak in the right place can spell trouble. A Catalytic Converter can heat up past 600 degrees while going up a hill and ignite that small leak.

This Is A Cut Away View Of A Worn Out And Broken Catalytic Converter

A poor running engine will wear out your Catalytic Converter prematurely. Some newer cars with a V-6 engine can have up to six of these all working together to clean up emissions. To replace one Catalytic Converter can cost up to $900.00.