Peerzo's Inspections and Service
We specialize in a variety of vehicle inspections specific to your needs. Free Safety Inspection is provided with every oil change.

Honest regular safety inspections are the most important to keep you running safely, prevent unexpected failures that can cause accidents and injury as well as the systems that help prevent them, such as Air Bags, Anti-lock Brakes, warning lamps, and lighting.

Preventive Maintenance Inspections

The most important recommended maintenance and service items to know on how to keep your vehicle running safely, the longest, at the lowest possible cost. A quality, honest inspection can help you prepare for upcoming maintenance expense’s by knowing what needs done now, how much and what can wait, specific to you year, make, and model.
Do you really know what your vehicle needs?

We are Certified Washington State

Emissions Inspection & Repair Facility.

Failed emission inspection? We perform all repairs associated with your vehicles emission control systems, from exhaust to computer controlled components, we can fix it. Help protect the environment and keep the air cleaner.

Used Car Inspections. Get it checked before you buy

free-vehicle-auto-inspection-avondale-azThey all get cleaned up pretty on the outside to sell but getting a professional, honest evaluation on safety issues or upcoming high cost maintenance items, is priceless !
We perform pre-purchase used car Inspections starting at $48.00. You will get a written report to help negotiate down the price on issues that are found

We are authorized by the City of Spokane

to perform annual Taxi Safety Inspections

The City Of Spokane passed a ordinance several years ago to require all taxis operated in the city must pass a safety inspection once a year for the newer vehicles, and twice a year for 10 year and older cabs. This has cleaned up the taxi cab services provided to the citizens. We perform the safety inspections, if required must pass emissions inspection, and meter accuracy test.

Peerzo's Quality Repair & Installs Standard Preventative Maintenance Safety Inspection Worksheet


We tried to make everything simple as possible to understand by making this form into sections:

  • Visual section we check outside, body, glass, all lights, interior, warning lights, wipers, horn, controls, latches, etc.
  • Under hood section we check all the fluids for level and condition, engine and cabin air filters, battery, drive belts, hoses etc
  • Under car section we check for fluid leaks, axles, brakes, suspension, steering, tires, exhaust, etc.
  • Safety/Priority Items we highlight serious safety issues and problems if found.

Your One Stop Auto Repair Shop

Our average customer has multiple vehicle repair and maintenance needs with new, and older cars, SUV’s and trucks.

We subscribe to the latest OEM Dealer technical information from several resources that often includes free services to you such as safety recalls and extended warranty repairs. These resources enable us to efficiently service your band new vehicle for less than the dealer, and by law it will not void your warranty.

This allows Peerzo’s Quality Repair & Installs to be your one stop auto service shop for your new and older vehicles.