Peerzo's Oil Change and Safety Inspection

Why change your engine oil?

We have a special offer.

Fact:   Sludge and contaminates that build up inside your engine will shorten the life of your vehicle and lead to expensive repairs.

These type of issues are mainly caused from the engine not running properly, using cheap non approved oil, and or just not changing your oil at regular intervals.

Peerzo’s Automotive uses approved, quality oil and filters. Our service and repair procedures meet or exceed manufacture specifications, and will not void a new car warranty! We provide free safety inspections on every oil change, keep records of routine maintenance, and services that are recommended by your specific vehicle manufacture. This allows us to schedule common repairs like brakes and tune-ups at later times, before there is a safety issue, emergency breakdown, or increased repair cost. This keeps your vehicle running safely, the longest, at the lowest possible cost, avoid  expensive repairs or breakdowns, and maintain a higher resale value. Our standard procedures at Peerzo’s Automotive avoids unneeded, duplicated, over servicing, and not neglecting the important ones. Our average oil change runs $34.00 + tax and takes about 35 minutes!