Routine & Preventative Maintenance
Newer Vehicle Repair and Maintenance, Basic Needs Remain the Same

Today’s cars, trucks, and SUV’s are incorporating 50+ multiple computer systems, all working together to run every system, button, and switch you touch. Today’s professional auto service shop and mechanics, must keep up to date! Regular training, computer software updates, and technical information are added to the modern day mechanics toolbox. No matter how advanced they get, they still need the basic routine services, brake repair, fluid changes, oil change, Shocks, tires, etc to keep them running safely, the longest. Caution when price shopping! No matter who you are doing business with, always ask about the quality, price difference, and warranty options available on your vehicle. Brake Repair is one service that needs to be done properly by a professional mechanic to keep you running safe! Example, we offer professional brake pad installation starting at $68.00. Often there are at least 4 options available on brake pad quality and price $30.00-$130.00 that customers are not aware of.  We give you the choice and explain the differences.  Old car brake repair and new car brake repair are basically the same, just a few computers added.

Our Oil Change, includes quality oil, filter and lube service. Synthetic oil upgrades are available. We include a free basic safety check.  Average time is 35 minutes, while you wait. We give you a quick report, and DO NOT recommend anything you don’t need. We provide manufacture required and recommended routine maintenance services specific to your vehicle.

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Our Routine or Preventative Maintenance Services