Peerzo's Fluids & Filters

Keeping Fresh, Quality Fluids Adds Life To Your Vehicle And Less Repairs

Filters Need Checked And Changed When Necessary

Vehicle fluid samples

Changing fluids at regular intervals is the most cost effective preventive maintenance that can be done to protect and extend the life of various systems, and expensive parts that will need replaced before their time if not done.

Truck air filters

This way over due for replacement dirty air filter for the engine was wasting fuel for many miles.

Safety Alert!

Family and kids keep getting sick? Do you have a Cabin Air Filter in your car that needs changed? Many of our new customers didn’t know how important this regular service is, or even if they have one.

Why Change Coolant


The cabin air filter cleans the air coming into the vehicles heating and A/C vents, and is standard on newer vehicles. They remove not only dirt particles, but also harmful  bacteria, allergens, fumes  and pollutants! Obviously this one on the left we changed for a new customer who was not aware of the safety related importance and was way overdue at only 25K. Peerzo’s Automotive maintains records on important routine maintenance, like Cabin Air Filters to be done at regular needed intervals.

Coolant issues caused by not changing your coolant are like running corrosive acid instead antifreeze. This shortens the overall life of the engine and leads to premature expensive repairs like head gasket, heating, radiator and water pump type failures.